February 2016 News Update

Belated Greetings and Best Wishes to all my Rider Friends!

First, a few words about the three rides that took place over a period of 6 weeks between late September and mid-November of 2015.

Corsica (September 27-October 3, 2015)

Even though we had to give up one day of riding due to an unexpected freak rainstorm, this was a memorable experience. The outstanding, sure footed, well trained horses were a pleasure to ride. They mastered the difficulties of the terrain with such confidence that never once did we feel insecure. The stunning scenery, excellent food, varied and very comfortable accommodation, impeccable service throughout, and … the unbelievable charm and hospitality of the Corsicans… No wonder we all fell in love with Corsica! We shall return!

I want to thank each of you again for the wonderful time we shared on this amazing trip. I will remember you all fondly for the rest of my life! (Greg Walker-Virginia)

Ce voyage en Corse a été superbe et nous en gardons de très bons souvenirs ! (Bertrand C.- Paris, France)
Our ride in Corsica was superb, we came home with unforgettable memories! (Bertrand C. – Paris, France)

Southern France – The Camargue and Provence Ride (October 4-11, 2015)

A privately commissioned ride for two habitué-clients from Brazil.
Another memorable experience in a unique part of France: ‘The Camargue’ [western Europe’s largest river delta, with exceptional bio-diversity, home to unique breeds of Camargue Horses and Camargue Bulls, and to more than 400 species of birds including Pink Flamingoes] where we were highly privileged to spend 2 days in the company of “Lorenzo” the Flying Frenchman (http://www.lorenzo.fr). Unforgettable moments!!
I plan to return and organize a ride there sooner than later…

Argentina – (October 29-November 8, 2015) – Ride from Estancia to Estancia – Province of Corrientes

This was a last minute trip, riding with the Gauchos of Corrientes in the company of the inimitable Fernando and six very charismatic, fun riders. We had a blast! The icing on the cake: prior to flying home, we got to watch the Hurlingham Open Cup Final polo match in Buenos Aires. The Best Polo in the world!

What a great trip, as always. Thanks for the best! (Joyce Otten – MO)

I have traveled a lot in my life and had many wonderful and memorable experiences – this one was definitely in the top tier. It was truly a soul-enriching experience for me! (Chris Eastwood – IL)

My heartfelt thanks for a truly wonderful, magical holiday. (Josephine Melville – Estepona, Spain)

To sum up 2015 – A productive year (including a record number of reconnaissance trips – three in Ireland, one in France) that gathered momentum as the months sped by and developed into a flat out marathon, reminding me of the years when I used to schedule 6 to 7 rides a year. But the most enriching side is to have ridden with loyal friends, and made new ones along the way!

See Upcoming Rides for what’s in store for 2016 … and the first ride in 2017!

For questions on any of my scheduled rides or if interested in a private custom-made ride, please call (+1-212-421 0671) or e-mail christine@adventuresonhorseback.com