BOTSWANA   (The Okavango Delta Rides)

I can’t tell you how wonderful the trip this summer was, as well as all the special people who are now in my life as a result. I can’t wait until the next trip, and the next, and the next!    Elise Wood (Chicago, IL)

All those great memories of a simply wonderful trip!  We definitely plan to take more riding vacations with you.   Louise Roche (CA)

We had the BEST time ever trip to Botswana, it could not have been more wonderful. Thank you.   Charlotte Podrat (Malibu, CA)

Thank you so much for getting me to the Okavango. It was all quite wonderful and truly unforgettable.   Amanda Blackmore (Northern Ireland)

 You always said that I was going to LOVE the Okavango, but I never expected it to be so much… nothing like the right bunch of people, at the right place, at the right moment. That’s what it was for us: perfect!   –   Sophia R.M. de Oliveira (Brazil)


I would like to thank you immensely for taking such good care of me during the wonderful Botswana trip. I didn’t know what to expect and you made it just amazing!  Nathalie Vianello Chiodo (Geneva)

 Yes it was a dream. A dream I will never forget, that will stay forever amongst my fondest memories. Thank you Christine for this unique experience.   Ines Menendez Behety (Argentina)



Another fabulous trip! Thanks so much.   Susan Dube (San Diego, CA)

Querida Matriarca! Você deu vida a um momento especial de minha vida!

Dear ‘Matriarch’, You gave life to a special moment in my life!   Carlos Eduardo Magano (Santos, Brazil)

Wonderful ride! Hasta la proxima!   Cynthia Perkins (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

What can I say…. Yet again, yet again, yet again…Keep the good times coming.   Elise Wood (Austin, TX)

As always a dream!  Raimund Remmel & Claudia Dardenne  (Bonn, Germany)

What a fabulous vacation! Fun, adventure, pampering and great company.  Hope to come with you again sometime. Wonderful !!!   Marie Te Velde (Winton, CA)

Christine, This was absolutely wonderful! I had a great time and felt pampered all the time. Hope to travel with you again. Vicki Strickland (Merced, CA)



Truly unforgettable. –   Amanda Blackmore (Northern Ireland)



 Tierra del Fuego Rides

It was a great trip, as are all your trips. I do so love Argentina and hope to go again soon. –  Susan Dube  (San Diego, CA)

So many thanks for the fabulous ride through the “uttermost ends of the earth”, Tierra del Fuego –  Philip Teuscher  (Westport, CT)

Patagonia and Chile

Every riding venture with you so far, whether in Tierra del Fuego, the Perigord in France and now Argentina-Chile, might be characterized by one word “contrasts”…. Such a variety of amazing landscapes, people, cultures, horses… bundled up in a two week trip. Incredible. And to crown it all, that marvelous last day surprise ride near Santiago with your friends the Potos Colorados…. Thank you! Until next time.  –  Philip Teuscher (Westport , CT)


Another spectacular ride through northern Argentina and Chile! Geysers emitting huge jets of steam in the chilly morning air, hot thermal baths where wonderful Chilean wines and hors d’oeuvres are served as you immerse yourself in the warm healing waters… what else can I say: your rides are the Best!    Joyce Otten (Kirksville, MO)

This Argentina – Chile ride, I’m inclined to say it cannot get any better than these days we have just spent together, but knowing you, I’d best reserve such a declaration for later, I’ve learned never to underestimate the power of your magic!   Charles Muse  (Republic of Panama)


BRAZIL  (Pantanal rides)

Our incredible trip to Brazil … I’m sure will remain a high point in my life of travel and adventure!   Suzan Pritzer (Chicago, IL)


I spent twelve fabulous days thanks to your continuous personal attention and look forward to my next ride with you.   Pierre Vercel (Paris, France)


Dear Christine, I’m so glad to have been part of the ride through the Pantanal. I loved it. I thought everything was perfect …the wide open spaces, all those amazing birds and wildlife (caimans and capybaras galore, a treat to see the anteater up close – next time perhaps a tapir!) each of the fazendas, most especially everyone in the group and all the people we met along the way. It was fabulous. Just spending those 6 days in the Pantanal was an incredible experience for me – and you managed to put it all together so well….Many, many thanks for arranging such a wonderful trip! I enjoyed every minute.   Debbie  (Debora Wheeler (Washington, DC)

Once again, many thanks for a wonderful ride in the Pantanal. Lovely horses, fabulous fazendas, great people, etc, etc. We loved it. –  Lynn and Bishop Sheehan (Barnesville, MD )

Many thanks for a most memorial time!   Robert McIntosh (Republic of Panama)

Another wonderful trip to a far off land.  Oakley Johnson (Darnestown, MD)


INDIA  (Rajasthan Rides)

Thank you for being so instrumental in giving us the holiday of a lifetime.  Philippa Poole (England)

After two weeks back at home we still remember vividly the wonderful time we spent together in India. We hope we can join you again soon on another one of your spectacular rides.   Raimund Remmel & Claudia Dardenne (Bonn, Germany)


Yet again I had the experience of a lifetime, the places, the people, the food, the fantasies, I loved it all. Can’t wait for the next one!

Elise Wood (Chicago, IL)


Your organization was first-class and you were so thoughtful in making sure everyone was happy and having the time of their lives – not always an easy task, but one you carried out with panache and the patience of a saint. The riding safari was absolutely fantastic, such lovely horses, beautiful scenery and incredibly luxurious and interesting places to stay. The sightseeing part of the holiday was delightful also, carefully planned with the perfect mixture of culture and fun, and your group of friends fascinating and entertaining. …. You should be proud of a job very well done – I can honestly say I have never enjoyed such a perfect holiday. –  Mary Alderson (East Sussex, UK)

 Thank you for organizing such a lovely trip. We really enjoyed ourselves and thought you were a splendid feisty person and fully deserve to occupy the successful niche you have carved out for yourself.   Richard Roxburgh ( London, UK)

The organizational needs of the trips you plan are indeed many and I just think that you do a great job. You ‘deliver’ on the horses and the riding!   Penny Barr (New York) 


It was a fascinating trip, and I have to say superbly organized, so much detail keeps coming back to me.   Tessa Jackman (Bath, UK)


The whole experience was an intoxicating assault on the senses – the noise (the music – the calling to prayer – the traffic – people), the smells (incense – cooking – pollution – people – animals) the sights (where does one begin! the Taj – the red fort – all the forts on our ride – the fairs – their clothes – the faces) and finally the spiritualism which is part of their raison d’etre and which becomes totally addictive.  As for the ride itself – I knew it would be wonderful – and it was.  As for Adventures on Horseback: your attention to detail, Christine is what made it a holiday of a lifetime.   Lorna Chetwynd (London , UK)

Christine, it was a great trip and you did a marvelous job!   Woody Keesee (Millbrook, NY)


ECUADOR  (Andean Rodeo Ride)  


Jeannie and I wish to thank you for a most remarkable riding experience…. We also appreciated your continual attention to the endless details in your effort to keep us safe, together and content. We thought the group you put together were funny, enthusiastic and excellent riders who were a pleasure to be among. Please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation.   Richard Strother (Virginia)


Up to now all of the horse treks and saddle adventures in my life have involved mostly pack animals, tents and campfires. Before your Andean ride I dearly loved them but now I’ve discovered another way to travel and I’ll never look back. What an unusual and totally enjoyable experience with such a compatible group of people: Keep me advised on future rides.   Charles MUSE (Republic of Panama)

It was such a pleasure to meet a person as nice as yourself. You were extremely professional in your work and it was wonderful that Charles introduced me to a special of a lifetime.   Bob McIntosh (Republic of Panama)


Thank you for the sensational riding experience… I want to tell you how fortunate I feel to have come across you and your hand-tailored rides.   Susan Butterworth (Boston)


Pete was thrilled with the ride. He told me he had expected something like a Sunday ride in the park. Instead he had one of the most exciting and challenging rides of his life with absolutely WONDERFUL people.   Janet Riben (Venezuela)


EGYPT  (Oasis of Siwa)

As always, Christine, traveling with you is a real holiday and a treat for the soul. You make every adventure so special and I can’t thank you enough. A bientot for our next trip!   Nathalie Vianlello-Chiodo (Geneva, Switzerland)



Christine, thank you yet again for organizing this spectacular ride through the Perigord with great horses, a charming outfitter who loves his horses, and wonderful old and new friends.   Joanna Townshend Boegner  (Palm Springs, CA)

Sitting in London, reflecting on the beautiful week among the Loire chateaux, fabulous horses and good company… I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the trip and many, many thanks for making it so special: you are marvelous at organizing such wondrous adventures!   Margot Haber (Estepona, Spain)

 Even with the passage of summer, the memories of one of the most beautiful rides I have ever taken is as fresh as if it happened only yesterday. I will never forget the long gallops through forests and along beautiful fields of wheat and rapeseed. Wonderful conversations in majestic chateaux over classic French cuisine is a perfect recipe for whatever challenges life may throw your way. Once again, a Christine Chauvin masterpiece!   Elise Wood (Austin TX)


MOROCCO  (The Valley of Roses)

The trip was really magical… I loved it all. Looking forward to future adventures!   Jean Perin (Middleburg, VA)


What a wonderful trip!  Francie, Oakley and Tod Johnson (Darnestown, MD)